Comprehensive travel agency including accommodation booking services, hotels, tour tickets and various travel programs.  Limousine, bodyguard and personal butler service are also provided.

The first time with world-class services to serve all Muslims in the Muslim practice.

We offer 4-5 star hotels in one of the most beautiful, private beach front location  in Pattaya city with excellent services and facilities.

1.The Zign ATM Hotel
2.Palm Beach ATM Hotel


 Pool villas and hotel suites
ATM provided the pool villa accommodations as high standard 6 star hotels by renting a luxury villa with swimming pool for 1 day/1 night included
- Luxury limousine with driver
- 2 personal servants.
- Personal bodyguard
-Personal tour guide (not regular)
-Personal photographer (not regular)
-Hairdresser and beautician (not regular)
-Chef (not regular) who will come and cook for your desired meals (This service is also available to guests staying in hotel suites)